Ola Lovelies! welcome to Riso Jeradi , I am Chantelle Madariso Jeradi, proud owner of Riso Jeradi.

about us

So, some of you may have known me from channigodly.wordpress.com, my first beloved blog, however I felt it was time for me to advance and really take my brand  a tad bit more professionally. I hope this is the start of a great journey, full of creative collaborations, success, opportunities and fulfilling my God given purpose, I am excited and eager to grow with you all.


This is just a little insight about my brand, my aspirations and what I wish to achieve with it.


I am honestly on a journey , where my brand is still evolving and changing, however one thing remains constant, and that is, I am here to serve God’s purpose in my life and to do the things i absolutely love whilst I am at it.