Riso Jeradi

Earth 2021 Collection

Earth 2021
Fadziso Set(3)

Meet Earth

Washe Infinity Maxi(3)

Washe Infinity Dress





Fadziso Set(3)

Fadziso Set

Baby Doll(3)

Baby Doll Dress

Kosheso Two Way Skirt(3)

Kosheso Skirt



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I’ve been wearing Riso Jeradi for 3 years now and the customer service and quality of garments is just out of this world! The garments fit so well, the fabrics are not at all harsh on the skin and their turn around time is commendable. Definitely a brand a stand by
Vanessa Chilimanzi
Published author & award winning blogger
Just wanted to appreciate how quick your response is when ordering and how quick it is to get a package regardless of the outfits being handmade. It’s amazing how you always make every imagination come true, you deliver sis. Still rocking all three pieces I got from you. Love the brand wish I had more money to add on to my wardrobe.
Chantel Dorothy