She Means Business Africa

She Means Business Africa

When women come together, powerful things happen. This statement rang true at our very first She Means Business Brunch in December.  

We had a great panel that had women in different industries; we had a chef, a fashion designer, mental wellness coach and an author and philanthropist.  These different careers allowed us to hear their stories which, yet different all had a similar end game; women who were hungry for success.

Our goal with SMB is to create a community of fierce females who are on different journeys but have the same goal which is to live in their purpose, making a positive change and create an environment where women can thrive together.

One of our 2020 goals is to support women and their endeavours.  The reality is we need each other, imagine being able to enjoy trips to Rwanda, Zanzibar, Mutare, buying property, investing, building brands , building communities but doing it with other women because all of you have built a support structure that allows ALL women involved to flourish.

We know 2020 has been quite challenging especially for us here in Zimbabwe but that does not mean your goals will never be achieved and your tribe will not be behind you.


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